OUR SCHOOL is a place where the pathways to self-discovery are limitless. Our school fuels curious minds, nurtures servant hearts and celebrates the worth and dignity of every person. At our school, anything and everything are possible. It is our time to build upon 60 years of excellence and solidify ourselves as a world-class learning community that reflects our extraordinary people and programs. It is our time to unlock the promise and opportunity that our future holds.

Building on this legacy, the HIES Board of Trustees approved a plan in 2019 to begin a new chapter of programmatic growth and enrichment funded by the most ambitious capital campaign the school has ever undertaken. The $32.5 million OUR TIME campaign will build a new Upper School Humanities Building, a new Lower School Building, and strengthen campus connectivity and security.

School leadership conducted extensive research of the country’s best-in-class academic environments to inform the design of the new spaces that will foster collaboration and innovation and extend beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom.

Upper School Humanities Building

At Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, learning abounds beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom. Our students need dynamic environments that can stimulate conversation, foster diverse viewpoints and incubate new ideas to actualize their full potential. To this end, school leadership recently conducted extensive research of the country’s best-in-class academic environments to inform the design of its new spaces.

The new 60,000 SF Upper School Humanities Building will replace the Riley Classroom Building. While we have maximized its function for the past 30 years, it no longer makes financial sense to invest in additional upgrades or retrofit this 1962 building. The new building will support the advanced-level work students are doing in the Program for Global Citizenship and humanities courses by fostering collaboration, innovation and community.

“Holy Innocents’ is an exceptional learning community where brilliant moments of discovery happen every day. These new buildings will not change the amount of passion or curiosity our students and teachers bring to the classroom, but the new STEM Building has shown us that the possibilities become endless when our physical spaces match our programming in an integrated and intentional way.”

Paul Barton | Head of School and parent of Sam ’21, Abby ’23 and Charlie ’27

“I have been at Holy Innocents’ for more than 40 years, and the caliber and enthusiasm of our learning community only continue to grow. Our humanities courses strive to foster understanding of and empathy for others, and the new building will facilitate this endeavor by bringing our students, teachers, disciplines and ideas together in ways not previously possible. The questions, conversations and discoveries that will happen as a result are what make teaching so rewarding.”

Niki Simpson | Former Director of Humanities

Upper School Humanities Building

Intentionally designed common areas, lounges and nooks throughout the building will create organic opportunities for collaboration. Flexible classrooms equipped with the latest instructional technology will allow students to move seamlessly between independent work and group projects while leveraging a world of ideas and information beyond the boundaries of campus.

Shared faculty offices will bring together world-class educators from the English, History, Religion and World Language departments, creating a hub to exchange knowledge and ideas across disciplines. This dedicated space for innovation will dissolve traditional silos and amplify the talent and dedication of our teaching team—resulting in transformative learning moments for our students.

The light and energy from the indoor spaces will extend into a central courtyard, creating an impressive new entryway to campus. Situated between the STEM Building and the new Humanities Building, this greenspace will serve as a nexus for students, faculty and parents across all grade levels, deepening the sense of community that makes Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School so extraordinary.

State-of-the-art learning commons
Flexible classrooms
Innovative instructional technology
Interdepartmental offices
Intentional collaborative spaces
College Counseling offices
Campus Shop
Central Courtyard
Lower School Building

Every child has unique talents and passions. The Lower School awakens those gifts and brings them out in full. Challenged as learners and nurtured by faculty, our Lower School students develop a love for learning while building self-esteem and responsibility. This allows them to thrive in Middle School and Upper School and become confident, ambitious leaders ready to serve as catalysts for change at school, in their local communities and in the world.

The new 39,000 SF Lower School Building will replace our 1970s classroom building and will be designed for children to explore their curiosities in a hands-on way. The new space will empower students to leverage their environment for learning as opposed to working around it—cultivating a resourcefulness they will carry with them throughout their years at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School and beyond.

“I have two very different children, and both of them have thrived at Holy Innocents’. I am so thankful to be a part of a community that knows my children, cares about their well-being and has pathways to motivate each of them to be the best versions of themselves. At Holy Innocents’, my children have found what every parent ultimately hopes for their child: happiness, confidence and a true sense of self.”

Jolie Maxwell | Board of Advisors member and parent of Josie ’18 and Bo ’21

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School was the first school in the state of Georgia and is one of only four schools in the Southeast to join the Round Square program, a worldwide network of 180 schools committed to the advancement of global citizenship education. Innovative instructional technology will allow students in the Lower School and across divisions to virtually connect with students around the world, while flexible classrooms will cultivate conversation and facilitate group service-learning projects.

Lower School Building

The same principles that are driving the design of the Upper School Humanities Building will also inform the Lower School Building, while being adapted to support budding inventors, artists and explorers. For example, fully-equipped makerspaces will foster kinetic learning and collaboration, enabling students to tinker, experiment and create alongside one another.

To prepare our students for an increasingly complex world, our spaces must be nimble enough to evolve alongside them. To this end, all classrooms will be flexible and full of natural light, designed to inspire innovation at every turn. Each high-tech learning space will accommodate a variety of group configurations, allowing students to move seamlessly between a hands-on science lab and independent reading.

The Lower School lays the foundation for a student body that is grounded in community. The new building will feature a large dedicated common space that will allow our students to convene for division-wide activities or put on a performance for their peers. In addition, a central greenspace will create opportunities for outdoor group play while a playground will encourage children to slide, climb, swing, build and discover together.

Flexible classrooms
Dedicated common space
Age-appropriate technology
Intentional social nooks
Fully-equipped makerspaces
Interactive playground
Greenspace for free play
Engineering lab
Campus Connectivity and Security

What truly sets Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School apart is our community. Students are known here. Students are seen—by one another, by their teachers and by fellow families. Our students can be scholars, athletes, artists, team members and leaders. A sense of authentic camaraderie permeates our campus, a feeling that you can only get by being in this place with this community of people.

This next phase of growth will transform how our community functions. Intentionally designed outdoor spaces will facilitate social interactions and deepen the relationships that have fueled our school community for decades. Park-like quads and pedestrian pathways will bring our campus together in new ways, with a new cross county course to encircle the campus. Above all, these campus enhancements will allow us to live into what it means to be a community.

“Holy Innocents’ is building more than a new campus. It is building a community of citizens for tomorrow who are well-rounded and prepared for whatever the future holds. The Master Plan envisions an environment that reflects the quality of our programming and the caliber of our students, while laying the foundation for our long-term vision.”

Neil L. Pruitt Jr. | Campaign Chair and parent of Trey ’23, Mason ’25 and Caroline ’27

Campus Connectivity and Security

An expansive quad situated between the STEM Building and Humanities Building will create a new front door to campus, inviting people to experience what community means at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School. This quad will connect to greenspaces in other divisions with pedestrian footpaths, creating a network of quads and pathways and a more intimate environment for our school community.

The new Upper School site plan also reconfigures traffic flow in a smoother, more intuitive way. Upper School carpool will be redirected to the left of the STEM Building and Lower School families will use a reimagined turnaround outside the new building. These changes will heighten safety for all students and campus pedestrians, and make for a smoother drop-off and pick-up experience.

Holy Innocents’ is home to a growing community of avid runners. With nearly 250 students participating in cross-country in Fall 2019, we consistently bring more athletes to any meet we attend with our peer institutions. A new cross-country course will allow us to host cross-country meets for the first time in our history, fostering our community’s passion for running and providing a beautiful nature trail around the perimeter of campus.

Student safety and well-being are of paramount importance at Holy Innocents’. To this end, we will continue our ongoing efforts to further integrate technology into safety and security measures across all divisions.

While the full scope of the Master Plan includes items such as a new gym, a new performing arts center and a Middle School expansion, school leadership is being thoughtful about phasing capital projects in a manner that is tactical about site work, avoids temporary classrooms and other disruptions to student learning, and ultimately has the greatest impact on the student experience. The next phase of campus improvements will include a new Health and Wellness Center.

Because this is THEIR TIME, this is OUR TIME.

It is time for us to step into our promising future. The campus is bursting with optimism, innovation and a palpable sense of anticipation. Imagine the possibilities when our physical spaces reflect the boundless aspirations of our students.

Imagine a young learner arriving to campus for the day, inspired by his community to ask “what if …?” and create something new. Imagine energized faculty members sitting around a table co-designing a learning experience for their students. Imagine a new generation of empowered leaders that are both compelled and equipped to make their world a better place.

That future is within reach. We all play a role in helping our students flourish into the confident, capable global citizens they were created to be. This is our time. We cannot afford to wait. The more we ask of our students, the more we must ask of ourselves.

“The time is now to continue building a world-class learning environment that unlocks our children’s potential and reflects our remarkable community. Our students are ready for us to take this step, and we are ready to seize this moment.”

James B. Hannan | Honorary Campaign Chair and parent of Emily ’17, Maddy ’20 and Norah ’24

OUR TIME: The Campaign for Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Upper School Humanities Building
A new 60,000 SF space that will support the advanced-level work our students are doing in humanities courses by fostering collaboration, innovation and community with flexible classrooms, a state-of-the-art learning commons, innovative instructional technology, interdepartmental faculty offices and more.
Lower School Building
A new 39,000 SF learning environment that will encourage young students to explore their curiosities in a hands-on way, including flexible classrooms, fully-equipped makerspaces, a common area, intentional social nooks, an interactive playground and more.
Campus Connectivity and Security
Campus-wide enhancements that will allow us to live into what it means to be one school including new greenspaces and pedestrian pathways, a new cross-country course, reconfigured traffic flow and continued efforts to further integrate technology and a strong security presence across all divisions.
Total Campaign Goal
The next phase of campus improvements will include a new Health and Wellness Center. Timing will be assessed after Phase One objectives are funded and based on philanthropic momentum.

Campaign Committee

Mebane and Neil Pruitt, Chairs
Jim Hannan, Honorary Chair
Bill Bost
Richard Courts
William Curtis
Bruce Ford
Molly and Adam Fuller
David Love
Peter Mace
Jolie Maxwell
Mike McMillen
Bonnie Terwilliger Meshad
Matthew Middelthon
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Liza Mooney
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David Neumann
Barbara O’Connor
Jason Owen
Michael Stewart
Neal Sumter
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Krist and Ben Voyles

Campaign Volunteers

Molly and Adam Fuller, Parent Campaign Chairs
Jennifer Artigue
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Bart Busby
Missy Courts
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